The Penn State Flute Choir is headed to NFA this Summer!

In Fall 2014, the Penn State Flute Choir submitted a recording to perform at the National Flute
Association (NFA) Convention. With a record breaking 49 proposed choirs this year, only 22
were accepted to perform. The Penn State Flute choir has been invited to perform on a special
featured concert at the 43rd annual NFA Convention, which will be held in Washington, D.C.
August 13-16th, 2015.

Inspired by the flutists in groups such as Project Trio and The Fourth Wallthe Penn State Flute
Choir has designed an engaging and interdisciplinary program, entitled "Sound in Motion”. This
thirty-minute program celebrates the diverse span of music heard throughout the world and is
paired with choreographed dancers and flutists. In collaboration with the Penn State School of
Dance this program features elements of dance and motion, allowing the performers to break
down the “behind the stand” barrier and engage more directly with their audience. Performed
entirely by memory, the program will open with a performance of "Japanese Folk Suite" in which
the flutists evoke the sounds of the Japanese Shakuhaci flutes. This piece is followed by
"Malaguena", a thrilling rendition of Ernesto Lecuona's famous tune. The flute choir will then
perform a collection of tunes from Ireland and play the beautiful and moving rendition of "A
Gaelic Offering". Switching gears into modern times they will follow the Irish tunes with the first
movement of the beat-boxing quartet "Loops." The concert will conclude with "Bumble Boogie, a
jazzy version of the famous flute melody from "Flight of the Bumble Bee."

The PSU Flute Choir has 15 members: thirteen undergraduates and two graduate students.
The theme for this year’s NFA convention is “Out of Many, One”. E Pluribus Unum! The
conference will focus on flutists that come from many countries and backgrounds for a common
purpose: to share music with each other. Special pre-convention activities will kick-start the
Annual Convention, which this year offers a special focus on how today’s flutists advocate for the
arts, enrich lives through music, and engage new audiences. On August 13–16, 2015, thousands
of flutists will gather to celebrate the beauty, inspiration, diversity, lifelong learning, and
collaboration that they share.